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Knights and Families of the Month

We are proud and honored to have such hard working men and their families as part of our council. We thank and honor them every month for their contributions both large and small.

  Knight Family
August 2004 Patrick McAllen The Franks Family
September 2004 Gerry Lane The Stamps Family
October 2004 Dan Timmerman The Franks Family
November 2004 Jack Doyle The Weber Family
December 2004 James Cooke The Schopp Family
January 2005 David Stamps The Starr Family
February 2005 Gene Solome The McAllen Family
March 2005 Gerry Lane The Franks Family
April 2005 Todd Eyster The Stege Family
May 2005 Chris O'Reilly The Mortimore Family
August 2005 Al Schopp The Mortimore Family
September 2005 David Stamps The Franks Family
October 2005 Chet Elder The Herskovits Family
November 2005 David Hobbs The Solome Family
December 2005 Al Schopp The Staley Family
For 2005 Dan Timmerman The Franks Family
January 2006 Mike Beiriger The Kuta Family
March 2006 Damon Franks The Park Family
April 2006 Bob Hay The Sandrock Family
May 2006 Rich Starr The Elder Family
June 2006 Garrett Christnacht The Kuta Family
July 2006 Scott Rons The Timmerman Family
August 2006 Garry Mattox The Hersh Family
September 2006 Kevin Trizna & David Stamps The O'Reilly Family
October 2006 Bill Reuter The Cooke Family
November 2006 Marc Solome The Stapleton Family
December 2006 Robert Wilson  
For 2006 Gene Solome The O'Reilly Family
January 2007 Bill Reuter The Lazzeri Family
February 2007 Mark Smith The Krueger Family
March 2007 Gerry Lane The Park Family
April 2007 Dan Timmerman The Mortimore Family
May 2007 Tim Lippert The Krueger Family
July 2007 Scott Krueger The O'Reilly Family
August 2007 Mike Beiriger The Whattam Family
September 2007 Wayne Costa & Marc Solome The Kuta Family
October 2007 Jim Butler The Whattam Family
November 2007 Ron Lesnick & Ed Belen The Simpson Family
December 2007 Paul Stege The Butler Family
For 2007 Jim Butler The Kuta Family
January 2008 Scott Rons The Family of Gene Solome
February 2008 Cal Nunnelee The Staley Family
March 2008 Patrick McAllen The Myer Family
May 2008 Al Getz The Lazzeri Family
June 2008 Carlo Turchiano The Seydel Family
July 2008 Ron Lesnick The Scribner Family
August 2008 Chris O'Reilly The McAllen Family
September 2008 Dan Lazzeri The Sandrock Family
October 2008 Joe Gonzalez The Romer Family
November 2008 David Scherrer The Lane Family
December 2008 Dave Barnett The Herskovits Family
For 2008 Patrick McAllen The Stapleton Family
January 2009 Todd Pedretti The Bowers Family
Februrary 2009 Scott Krueger The O'Reilly Family
March 2009 Ed Belen & Damon Franks The McAllen Family
April 2009 Chris Chavez The Stege Family
May 2009 AJ Stapleton The Herskovits Family
June 2009 Ed Belen The Michaud Family
July 2009 Mike Beiriger The Knights' Wives
August 2009 Chris Chavez The Lazzeri & Butler Families
September 2009 Dan Timmerman The Gartner Family
October 2009 Rich Bowers The McDonald Family
November 2009 Terry Sandrock The Feldes Family
December 2009 Mike Sieradski  
For 2009 Rich Bowers The Elder Family
January 2010 Ron Lesnick & John Park The Yockey Family
February 2010 Rob MaCoy The Butler Family
March 2010 Jason Thrun The Bellizio Family
April 2010 Chris Jutte The Rollins Family
May 2010 Leonard Shumaker The Anzur Family
June 2010 Bernie Kuta Tristan Solome & Family
July 2010 Jim Butler The Getz Family
August 2010 Dan Mense The Chavez Family
September 2010 Dan Timmerman The Bradley Family
October 2010 Greg Almendares & Craig Moore The Whattam Family
November 2010 Ed Belen The Butler Family
December 2010 Kenny Barrows The Guitierrez Family
For 2010 ??? ???